Bodywork & Therapy

I love guiding people in a therapeutic setting to develop themselve as fully as possible. Through in-depth experiences and processes I have discovered that by going through the core of old pain, it can be healed. I use methods that take the body and the emotions as a starting point for healing, and cognition as a tool. This contrasts with traditional Western therapies that propagate "mind over matter".

"Matter" and "mind " together do not only bring a deeper awareness, but also ground ourselves, open our heart and give relaxation , unity, wholeness. Pain can be used to heal old wounds. Recurring problems in your life can be thus resolved, so that you can develop in accordance to the light within, your soul.

In therapy we go exploring . We examine what is really going on and see where the pain is . Then I'll help you - in loving guidance - to handle that on a deep level.

I work mostly intuitive, with different perspectives and methodologies, such as Haptonomy (bodywork), inner child, breath work and Voice Dialogue.


Spontanous feedback on the therapy:

"I am so happy that I asked you to help me. 

I feel so much better. 

I didn't think that it would make such a difference,

and I would like to thank you for this.


L.W." (translated)